No matter how small or large your goal is, Release Fitness CT will get you there. Our intimate, upscale training environment will get you enthused and energetic about your work out. You will receive a personalized training program to achieve your weight loss goal and improve your overall fitness level.

When You Begin Training We Will:

  • Tests and assess your current fitness level

  • Review any injuries or restrictions

  • Set short and long term weight loss and training goals.

Purpose Of Weight Loss Training Is:

  • Lose fat

  • Increase strength

  • Increase endurance

  • Improve sports performance

  • Build lean muscle

We know that everyone is unique, so you’re work outs will be, as well. We’ll help you further improve your strengths and help you overcome your weaknesses.

With our small group training sessions, you’ll be encouraged along your whole fitness and weight loss journey with a supportive environment. To match your weight loss goal with your intensity level, your workouts will continue to be adjusted and modified to ensure your workouts are effective and continuing to challenge you along the way.

Whether it’s running or lifting a certain amount of weight, every time you perform a specific exercise your body learns how to make that particular exercise easier. But when you continually switch up your work out, either by mixing up your sets and reps or trying something completely new, you “shock” your body and you’ll continue to see new results. So, throughout your training sessions, we’ll be confusing your muscles and switching up your workouts to get you to your goal in a safe and effective way. When you’re making changes, you’re making progress.

Another important weight loss method we practice is making your workouts fun and incorporating a variety of exercises. It’s hard to get motivated for something when you’re bored with it. Your session will be filled with fun and innovating exercises that will keep you motivated and excited about your next session. 

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