Strength training is a type of physical exercise focused on using resistance to induce muscular contraction in order to build and strengthen anaerobic endurance. When done effectively, strength training can offer significant benefits for your overall physical health, as well as your mental.

Strength training combines a variety of exercises and different types of equipment to target specific muscle groups. Although strength training is popular in power lifting and bodybuilding, it has become increasingly popular in sports like Football or Track and Field in order to build muscle and boost athletic performance. Strength training has also become increasingly accepted for individuals reaching to see those results and ultimately achieving their personal fitness goals.

Here at Release Fitness CT, we want to make sure you are properly executing strength training exercises in order to maximize results and prevent potential injuries.  Strength training reduces body fat, burns calories more efficiently, and increases lean muscle mass. Through proper exercises, form, reps, and sets, we will be sure to tailor each move to gain and strengthen muscle mass for your body.

Small Group Strength Training Includes:

  • Attainable Goals

  • Injury Prevention Techniques

  • Strong Bone Development

  • Weight Control

  • Stamina Boost

  • Increases Muscle Mass

  • Builds Endurance

Strength Training requires time, hard work, and dedication. Here at Release Fitness CT, we want to see you succeed. By working on your intensity, volume, and frequency during strength training, we will optimize your results.

At Release Fitness CT our strength training program targets specific muscle groups targeting volume, frequency and intensity. We have designed a workout program to help promote your overall fitness and well- being.

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