Moving properly is an important component in reducing the risk of injury while performing workouts. The professional trainers at Release Fitness CT accentuate movement quality over quantity. Our professional trainers evaluate the movement of our clients to provide the successful steps in ones performance and recovery. Our system at Release Fitness CT allows our professionals to communicate the progress and proper treatments to clients.

The Release Fitness CT workout system is used to determine the appropriate exercise suitable for our clients throughout Western MA and Connecticut. The system helps our trainers evaluate an individual’s workout needs and where they should be placed in our exercise programs. This allows the trainers at Release Fitness CT the ability to push our clients to their appropriate ability.

Release Fitness CT provides individualized training programs that are set in small group training sessions with individuals working on their programs, while supporting the group as a whole.

Reasons To Workout At Release Fitness CT:

  • Weight loss

  • Cardio vascular

  • Endurance

  • Strength training

  • Athletic training

  • Performance enhancement

  • Injury prevention

  • Individual programming

  • Rehab work

  • Nutritional advice

The crucial component of any program is the consultation. For Release Fitness CT this is the time to create your blueprint. Using your past medical history, workout experience, goals and your personal movement screen we will construct your personalized training program. All these components will help us lead you towards your ultimate potential.

At Release Fitness CT you will achieve results through our workout system. Our trainers are committed in teaching practices that will help improve your overall health and get you ready for the upcoming season.

BE MORE and DO MORE at Release Fitness CT. Contact us at (860)-698-2517 to schedule your evaluation today!

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