Endurance training is exercising intended to enhance the cardio respiratory function of an individual. At Release Fitness located in Enfield CT it is our goal to provide the correct coaching, guidance, and motivation to help our clients achieve all of their fitness goals. Endurance training is vital in preparation for sports and is popular with non athletes trying to burn calories to increase weight loss potential.

Release Fitness CT endurance training program is designed to help our athletes stay healthier and become faster.  At Release Fitness CT our assessment program is designed to determine the client’s strengths and weaknesses. We have the ability to assess how much room for improvement an individual working out with us has and how much workout volume they can handle during a training session.

Small Group Endurance Training  Includes:

  • Competitive goals

  • Injury prevention

  • Speed training

  • Strength training

  • Stability training

  • Power and Balance training

  • Agility training

Speed is no longer measured as a genetic gift that an athlete or individual inherited. At Release Fitness CT we educate about speed and how it can be improved by stride frequency, stride length, power, and stamina. We work with our clients improving their running mechanics to help enhance how fast they can run.

Factors That Affect Endurance Training:

  • Sets

  • Weight

  • Speed of exercise

  • Frequency of exercise

  • Rest interval

  • Sequence

  • Range of motion

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