Release Fitness CT is dedicated to developing our athlete’s skills on and off the field with athletic training for all athletes. Release Fitness trainers work hard to get our athletes where they need to be, before their season begins which is the most crucial time for development. We develop a team atmosphere, an important part of athletic training, but athletes are working on his or her own athletic needs, optimizing their potential.

Our trainers are certified and knowledgeable about what types of training are important for each athlete. We understand everyone is different in their goals and fitness levels, so we cater our programs to your specific athletic needs. We believe in training our athletes in all aspects of fitness, ranging from strength training, to cardio, to recovery. Being well rounded will help you improve as an overall athlete and ensure your safety.

Athletic Training Services

  • Injury Prevention

  • Wellness Protection

As always, at Release Fitness your safety is our focus, while also enabling you to push yourself at the hardest level in a safe way. Our fitness experts will use strength training and conditioning programs with our athletes to reach their individual goals, while also teaching techniques you can carry over when you’re training on your own.

Athletic Group Training

Our athletic group training offers many benefits to our athletes- you will:

  • Work towards similar goals with other athletes

  • Motivate each other

  • Encourage proper exercise techniques

  • Inspire each other with results

  • Have fun!!!

Our training sessions are chosen based on your goals, athletic level, and the skills you want to develop. You will motivate each other to keep working towards your goals and be inspired by seeing each other’s results. You’ll work with our fitness professional and follow a fitness regimen catered specifically to you, improving your strength and conditioning for your particular activity/sport.

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