Release Fitness specializes in providing personalized training programs that cater to each individuals needs, goals, and fitness level. Set in small group training sessions, Release will guide you through your fitness journey in a safe, effective, supportive environment.

At Release Fitness, we value each client's overall health and well-being.  We provide a variety of services in order to help our clients achieve their maximum health including several different training classes, nutition and weight loss consultation, massage services and Zumba! 



I have been training with Sean McDonald consistently for over 5 years now and he continues to design the most effective workouts that I have experienced. The routines are always fresh and innovative and rely on a variety of workout tools such as kettlebells and natural body weight while always focusing on proper form and execution. Safety is of prime importance and the exercises are designed to be completed with varying levels of intensity while minimizing the risk of injury. The individual workout routines or overall fitness training plans can be modified by Sean in order to achieve new results or focus on new fitness goals. As I have told many people, these workouts are efficient and effective and they have helped me to get into excellent all-around shape. This is functional fitness training at its finest and you simply will not find a better trainer for the money.

- Ryan Turbet

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Release Fitness

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